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Anonym A fragte am 17. Nov. 2022

Hi All,

I have received offers for Senior Consultant position in the Middle East from both Monitor Deloitte and PwC healthcare consulting. Monitor is obviously paying 25% more however I do know that PwC especially in the ME has a significant presence and is quite strong in healthcare. Would appreciate if the consulting experts especially from the region could weigh in on which option would be preferable in terms of a) Future prospects and growth b) High impact and high caliber projects c) Work culture and quality of people d) Exit opportunities. Thank you in advance!

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Congratulations on receiving two offers!

I can answer parts a) and d) of your question. In terms of future prospects and exit opportunities you need to keep in mind: 

Where do you want to be 5/10 years from now - this could be in terms of geography, which brand do you see yourself working in, which values do you connect most to etc

In terms of brand: PwC is wider, Monitor is stronger (for strategy). PwC has its own management consulting arm, Strategy&. Strategy& can be comparable to Monitor when it comes to management consulting. PwC's inhouse consulting will have their own limitations in Middle East because Strategy& is very strong and can get better projects.

The kind of work you will do: It is possible that the top level strategy work would be done by Strategy& and they can pass on the baton to PwC's inhouse consulting for more operational/implementation kind of work. It is up to you if you find this kind of work more interesting. Monitor on the other hand will be doing strategy work as well.

Long term mobility: If you plan to move abroad in a few years time, you need to assess how strong Monitor or PwC is in that location too.

Finally, try to speak to as many as you can in both the offices and ask them about all these factors and things that you care about. This should put you in a good spot to make the right decision!

All the best!


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Hi there,

Rushab has given a great rundown here!

You do have to think about where you'd like to be in the future. If you'd like to stay in the ME, PwC/Strategy& does indeed have a strong brand. 

Don't forget you're also choosing between Tech/IT and Healthcare….we can't tell you what you're going to like more.

It's important you actually talk to people at these firms to understand your points a through d and see which most appeals to YOU!

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The real question there is whether you want to focus on healthcare or not. If you do, the answer is clear. If you don't or don't know, you should pick Monitor.

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