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McKinsey PST and GMAT

Anonym A fragte am 14. Mai 2019

Hello Preplounge family,

I hope all is well. I was wondering if it's possible to practice with GMAT questions such as IR in order to improve my PST score given that I have more than a month to prepare for the test. I scored less than 10 answers correct on my first practice PST. Thank you!

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Vlad antwortete am 14. Mai 2019
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IR is the best proxy for GMAT so definitely do that. With the score lower than 10 you probably need 1-3 months to prepare.


Alexander antwortete am 14. Mai 2019

I'm currently preparing for the PST using the GMAT, and it is definitely possible. Doing GMAT questions in general will help you build the skills you need for the PST, and the IR specifically is quite similar in style.

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