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McKinsey PEI - Personal Impact Dimension

Anonym A fragte am 2. Jan 2018

Hi Everyone!

I'll have my interviews at McKinsey very soon, but I still struggle to find good stories for the Personal Impact Dimension. Does personal impact solely refer to a situation where I convinced someone of something or do other types of impact also count? I would really appreciate if you could give some good examples for that dimension.

Thank you very much!


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Francesco antwortete am 28. Jan 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

I will quote below a previous post I wrote on PEI at McKinsey:

Personal Impact is mainly based on persuading someone about doing/not doing something. Questions include:

  1. Tell me about a time when you persuaded your boss to go along with an idea you had.
  2. Tell me about a difficult situation where you had to rely on your communication skills. 

Here you want to emphasize your influence on someone else, usually in disagreement with you.

To compare with the other usual topics in McKinsey interviews:

Entrepreneurial Drive is about implementing something overcoming major difficulties. Examples include:

  1. What was a situation where you set a major goal and been able to achieve it?
  2. What has been your major accomplishment so far?

Here you want to emphasize the achievement you reached and the process that led you there.

Leadership is about leading a whole team in challenging situation and team management skills. Questions include:

  1. Give me three examples of a time that you lead a group. 

  2. What are some key lessons you have learned about motivating people? 

Here you want to emphasize how you overcome a difficult situation leading a team (not necessarily as the official leader).

Hope this helps,


Vlad antwortete am 7. Jan 2018
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When the interviewers ask you to provide an example of resolving a team- or personal conflict, Changing someone's mind, Developing and implementing a solution or overcoming difficulties - it means they want to hear a personal impact story.

Personal impact is a story of influencing people and persuading them to follow your solution. Think of the consultants - in a similar way they have to present their solutions to the client and unite the stakeholders with various opinions.

How should you approach the personal impact story?

  1. Start with a project / job description and mention the conflict
  2. Then provide the particular details of the conflict: Who was involved and what was exactly the problem
  3. Continue with a list of actions you took - Details on how you developed the solution, arguments you used to change the minds of people and people you attracted to support you
  4. Finish with a measurable impact from your actions


Tomi antwortete am 5. Jan 2018

Read this somewhere helped in my fit prep questions...

Here are the main five themes for PEI:

1. Leading others (22%)
Tell me about a time you led a team through a difficult challenge

2. Managing a team conflict (22%)
Tell me about a time you worked in a team and had to manage a conflict

3. Managing a personal conflict (21%)
Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a colleague / your boss

4. Influencing others (17%)
Tell me about a time you changed the mind of a group of people / an individual

5. Overcoming challenges (11%)
Tell me about a challenge you had to push yourself hard to overcome

Anonym antwortete am 23. Feb 2018

Hey anonymous,

As other have referred, Personal Impact is mostly about influencing or motivating others, but you can also try to follow the wider definition offered by McKinsey itself: example where you have demonstrated impact while working with a wide range of individuals in difficult settings.

Btw, be careful not confusing/mixing Personal Impact and Leadership examples, as that's one of the most common mistake in the PEI stories - swapping examples which almost kills your chances.



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