McKinsey Fit Interview Preparation With A Stranger

Anas fragte am 9. Aug 2016
Looking for partners to exchange constructive feedback. Currently preparing for candidate-led cases.

Hello everyone,

I am looking for people to practice the McKinsey PEI (fit interview). I have done many cases thanks to Preplounge, and would like to test some of my stories with someone that do not know me (just like my future interviewers), and hopefully get ''drilled-down'' during 15 mins per story.

Then for your practice, we can either practice a case or the fit portion.

Please shoot me a message if you're interested.



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Anna antwortete am 11. Nov 2016


i'm also interested if anyone is still available.



My Nguyen antwortete am 2. Okt 2016
Practicing for my case interview next week

@Nicholas How to accept your request? Im interviewing with BCG on Oct 9th so happy to practice with you

Nicholas antwortete am 1. Okt 2016
Final round McK and Bain - only want practice with those already at final round

I would be up for practicing both McKinsey fit and cases if anyone is available between now and Friday?

Derek antwortete am 12. Sep 2016
BCG + MCK Consultant - interviewing to switch MBB

I am interested in this if others want to do this.

Sam antwortete am 29. Aug 2016

Hi All,

I would like to practice PEI and Cases with someone in both direction. I am interviewing with Mckinsey second round in three weeks.



antwortete am 25. Aug 2016
Very experienced ex-McKinsey consultant with cross-country expertise
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Hi Moe,

I worked with McKinsey for few years. And actually participated in recruiting events as well.

Let's have a call later this week



Ivan antwortete am 25. Aug 2016

Hello everyone,

I would like to practice PEI interview with someone in both directions. Please message me if interested.



Anonym antwortete am 15. Aug 2016

Hi Moe,

I would be happy to practice fit questions with you and then practice fit myself. Let me know if you are interested and when you are free.



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