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Mckinsey Background check

Anonym A fragte am 12. Jul 2019 - 3 Antworten

Hi everyone,

It's been two weeks since I submitted the form for the outsourcing background check company, and I am really worried about it. As an international student, all my past work experiences are outside the States. I called the outsourcing company (called Sterling) to check what portion hasn't been completed and turned out they are still waiting for some employers to respond.

I have two internship experiences in really small firms, and even myself can't successfully reach out to them because it's long time ago, and as I recall they don't really document all the employee information. I am afraid that I will lose the job since Sterling can't verify my employment history.

I am wondering has anyone encountered this situation before? Whats the suggestion for me to pass the check?

Thank you!

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antwortete am 12. Jul 2019
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I know the feeling - I was an international student too and it was nerve racking. Here are a few things to keep in mind

- You should be worried if you lied on your resume - for example wrong school, fabricated work experience, GPA, wrong dates etc.

- If you did not lie you absolutely do not have to worry - the point of the check is not to rescind your offer but to verify your information. I would reach out to HR, ask if there is any way you can help speed up the process. For some things (police verification from home country) you cannot, for others (hard to verify work info) you can by offering whatever information you might have (e.g., pay stubs, offer letter, contact info etc.)

You wil be fine - it just takes time



Thank you so much, Udayan. I have reached out to HR but haven't got anything yet. I will do so again. My situation is quite tricky since I don't have any proof to verify my internship — Anonym A am 12. Jul 2019

Any emails from them at any point? Also I would not worry - if there was an issue HR would have told you — Udayan am 12. Jul 2019

Unfortunately everyone I know left the company, including colleagues and supervisors. I understand that sounds weird, but it's really a small company (less than 10 ppl) and back then I just want to build up my resume. I'll try to work this out :( — Anonym A am 12. Jul 2019

antwortete am 14. Jul 2019
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Don't worry. They are not checking the resume but rather if you committed fraud or have equity in the company. Communicate all the information you can to HR and keep fingers crossed


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antwortete am 13. Jul 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

if you really did the internships I don’t see reasons to worry - it will just take a bit more time than usual.

On the other hand, it seems a bit strange you don’t have any documents to prove your experiences – such as contracts or emails you exchanged on starting dates. If you have, then they could help to speed up the process with Sterling.



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