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Ben fragte am 22. Jun 2016
PE Intern, Oliver Wyman Intern, Managing Director of a student business consultancy for >2 yrs., Development Banker for >3yrs.

Dear all,

I am currently preparing for my interviews at McKinsey & Company (Amsterdam Office) for the Fellow Internship Program.

Therefore, I am looking for someone (preferably quite experienced on this matter) to perform some Case Interviews until the end of this month.

Alternatively or additionally, I would be delighted, if someone would also like to perform Personal Experience Interviews.

If relevant, I am flexible with the preperation language: English (TOEFL 117), Dutch (native) and German (native).

Kind regards, Ben

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antwortete am 26. Jun 2016
Very experienced ex-McKinsey consultant with cross-country expertise
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Hi Ben,

As an ex-consultant of MCK I will be proud and happy to work with you in the preparation for your internship program. I worked in Netherlands for a while & know what is expected from the consultant in the region.

Send me a private mail, let's schedule a session.


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