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Anonym A fragte am 11. Jan. 2019

Hi all,

Currently going through the background screening process using an external firm called HireRight. Just wanted to know:

- how long it takes

- what can I do to speed up the process? (should I be requesting transcripts or other documents? some these take time, so wanted to know up front)

- The screening requires a W2 for prior employers - however, I only have a W2 for my first job out of college and not for my internships...what do I need to do?


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antwortete am 13. Jan. 2019
Bain and BCG experience - Industry hire experience - 150+ cases

I had a similar screening as well when I joined Bain. Usually the screening is very quick... max 1 week. I would not do anything to speed up the process as usually it doesn't tke long. They may ask you to provide some certificates (bachelor/ master or study certificates usually. you can provide a PDF certificate - usually you can download that on the University website).

To answer your last question, I would be completerly honest and explain your situation. You can attach the documents that you have and explain the situation about your previous intership, asking them if necessary for you to ask some additional documentation... as now you don't have any other document related to that.

The background screening is a super standard procedure for most of the firm and offices... It's a very standard procedure mainly focused at making sure you're not lying in your CV.

Congrats for the offer!

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Anonym B antwortete am 14. Jan. 2019

Hey, just finished my background check for another firm.

You cant request the transcripts or other documents to help out unfortunatelu....the whole point is for the background check company to 'find' the info on you themselves so that its transparent and accurate. If you provide the details yourself who says they are accurate.

My check took 5 weeks...they are pretty slow and somethings they cant be completed to 100%. For example, mine got stuck on a transcript from college and in the end, they could not access it so they moved on and just write 'could not locate' on the final report. It's fine if this happens. They also only contacted to my knowledge 2 out of my 6 last jobs.

Dont stress about it all. It will all come through and be fine...the only way you could fail is if you have a criminal record basically!

Congrats on your offer too!

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bearbeitete eine Antwort am 12. Jan. 2019
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

1. Not long

2. Not really, just answer their questions

3. Tell them the truth, your case isn't unique

Edit: huge congrats on the offer


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Bain and BCG experience - Industry hire experience - 150+ cases
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