Maximum number of meetings with basic membership?

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Hi all,

I am still fairly new here, so excuse me if this is a rather stupid question, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere on the site. So, my question is; How many meetings are you allowed to set up with a basic membership? I have only scheduled two, but when I try to arrange a third one I get a message that I have reached the limit with a basic membership. Does this mean permanent, for the week, or..?

Thank you for the help



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Ashkan antwortete am 30. Sept. 2016

Hello Christian,

Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delay. In order to receive your response as quickly as possible, we highly recommend you to ask us directly in future.

However, regarding your question in particular, we apologize for being possibly vague in terms of the maximum meeting numbers.

As a basic member, you are allowed to have 4 meetings in the sum, even though we consider the so-called “back-2-back meeting” basically as two sessions, since you’ll switch between the interviewer and interviewee perspectives. In a nutshell, using two back-2-back meetings equals 4 meetings.

Hope this is helpful!

Best wishes,


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