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How can we structure our reflexion if the case doesn’t   specify the market.

for example, a FMGC based in europe seeking to enter the african market. What is the best country to choose?

thank you


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Bain & Co. 2+ years | MBA from IIM Bangalore | Here to get you started from the very basics of Case Prep

After getting clarity on the most basic of case information, namely, kind of firm that makes up the clientele, the kind of products that the firm wishes to market, and in-turn the kind of populace that it wants to serve, I would consider the following filters while making a decision on the kind of country to serve, keeping in mind the above info

- Total addressable market and serviceable addressable market i.e. the market size: This might include criteria such as the income distribution in the country (to zero in on the % of population that can actually afford the product), the consumer tastes & preferences (cultural factors that may sway sales towards or against specific products), as well as legal barriers, if any, that stand in the way of the introduction of the products

- Feasibility of entering the country: This will include not just the legal barriers to marketing products, but also the possible synergies/de-synergies that may exist with relation to the firm's already running offices (operational, cultural, financial or otherwise)

- Growth potential in the country: This includes considering not just the current market size but factors that might accelerate/ hinder the growth of the market that exists at present. An FMCG firm (especially one that dabbles in retail that necessitates a lot of investment) needs to keep a long-term view

Will be able to provide more details if you hit me up personally! Hope this helps :)


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Anonym antwortete am 19. Apr. 2022

Hi there, 

I would probably approach it with some decision tree choosing a few criteria and then assigning either grades or quantifying. Example gathering/estimating for each country (probably preselect a few before you go):

  • Population size
  • GDP per capita
  • Gini index/ % of population that can afford to buy… 
  • GDD per capita expected growth 

Out of which you will probably get the best candidate. 


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antwortete am 19. Apr. 2022
Digital Health start-up founder; ex-BCG; SDA Bocconi. Youtube: Angelina's Business World

Hi there, 

You could rank you country options by placing them on two dimensions: opportunity vs. feasibility (you could even make an actual graph with the two axes and place and dots representing your countries on it). The “opportunity" axis will designate the market size, which is a function of the number of consumers (or population + GDP/capita as a proxy), price level, and the state of competition; and the “feasibility” axis will represent the ease of entering that market and will be a function of infrastructure robustness, level of corruption, whether your client already has partners there, etc. All these variables are quantitative, so you can calculate your overall score for each axis per each country (pick your weights according to the client's preferences or your own judgement) and plot your countries. Countries in the first quadrant  (high opportunity, high feasibility) are your winner countries. 

Hope this helps.

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Bain & Co. 2+ years | MBA from IIM Bangalore | Here to get you started from the very basics of Case Prep
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