LEK vs Procter & Gamble ?

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Anonym A fragte am 24. März 2021

Hi experts! I really hope to get some career advice from this forum.

I have 2 summer internship offers: 1) LEK in London (8 weeks internship with ~100% return offers); 2) P&G in Geneva, Switzerland (European HQ) as Finance/Strategy intern (3 months with also ~100% return offers).

What would be the factors to consider in choosing between the 2?

For context, I'm a penultimate year undergrad in London, and my objectives are:

- try to join MBB after graduation

- get an MBA (possibly sponsored)

- later break into VC/Private Equity.

Thanks a lot! :)


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Anonym B antwortete am 24. März 2021

It's about long-term stability (both career and work-life balance) vs. Short-term hard work and quicker climbing th corporate ladder.

Some info on P&G to help you decide:

I interned at P&G a couple of years ago. Geneva is the EMEA HQ and all high ranking executives are based there. P&G ranks employees in bands (1,2,3,4,..etc with 1 being the most junior). The key value add of being in geneva is that the number of Band1 are very little compared to other locations and you would get strong exposure and opportunities. P&G as they told me is a "Build from within" company. It takes some time to start climbing depends on function (7-8 years until Band3 in SCM and 4-6 in sales .. etc). Salareis are lucrative in Geneva, almost twice or 3 times as high compared to other EU locations.

I declined P&Gs full time offer for an MBB offer. Of course, pay is better but hours are insanely higher. Not sure if I would do that for L.E.K. (Don't know about their exit-ops .. etc)

I hope some ppl here share experiences with L.E.K to help you think this through.

Net, both are great offers (which proably makes your life even harder :D)
Best of luck

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Great to see your ambition but lets get real..dont base decisions NOW with the hope of getting something in the future. You cant predict this & will just keep postponing your happiness, not fully enjoying the opportunity in the present.

So choose that internship which is a better fit with what you want to do i.e. it aligns with your career aspirations, values & risk apetite. This way there is a better chance that you will enjoy it, will perform better and be successful in making the right moves to end up where you want to end up.

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Hi there,

More direct advice for you: Do LEK

If your goal is to break into consulting and MBB/MBA, LEK is the most direct path.

I'm not here to question those goals and beat around the bush. Again, the most direct path to an MBA/MBB is LEK not P&G.


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Hey there!

I would take LEK as the best option here. However, always base your decision on your specific interest, culture and values. That would help you the most! Take some time and think about your attitudes and visions and then compare them with what these two internships suggest.

Reach out for any further clarifications!


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