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Is there a Problem solving exam for McKinsey in Germany and/or Switzerland?

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Letzte Aktivität am 4. Juli 2018
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fragte am 28. Dez. 2017
Just cases for Bain/ BCG Style please

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Oleksandr (Alex)
antwortete am 21. Jan. 2018
Very experienced ex-McKinsey consultant with cross-country expertise

Hi there,

It really depends on a position you're applying for.

In fact for positions below manager you typically have one. From the manager and higher - no test.

However, variability happens based on your ex background.


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antwortete am 4. Juli 2018
McKinsey & Company | University of Cambridge | 50+ cases in various settings

Hey Anna,

Short answer: no.

  • My experience: I have studied in the UK where lots of my friends had to take the PST (problem solving test) to progress to McKinsey UK interviews, but in Germany this is not part of the standard process. I also do not know of anyone else who had to take this sort of exam or test when applying to the German office.
  • Also no tests for juniors: I applied to McKinsey Germany after university for an entry-level “fellow” job and got an offer, and obviously had to do a bunch of cases with logical / quantitative elements, but there was no separate GMAT-style / PST test as there is in some other offices.
  • Also no tests for soft subjects: And I also do not think that this depends on your background, as I have a very “soft” (ie. non-quant / non-business) background and still I did not have to do an additional problem solving test or exam.

Nevertheless, to get comfortable with quant / logical case interview elements, its of course never a bad idea to flick through a GMAT prep book or similar, and do some practice!

Hope this helps :)

Best wishes


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Oleksandr (Alex) gab die beste Antwort

Oleksandr (Alex)

Very experienced ex-McKinsey consultant with cross-country expertise
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