Is so difficult for European to work in the USA after Graduation?

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Fabio fragte am 15. Okt. 2021

Dream: work for MBB (generalist, not tech team) in the USA.

Fact: I'm completing my Bachelor degree in Computer Science in Italy.

I think that the best way to break into Consulting is to join a top business school for a master.

I see two options:

1) Apply for a graduate programme in the USA. The cost is superior (comparated to European business schools) and my fear is that it would be difficult to obtain a visa to work there. If the visa wouldn't be a problem I think that I'll have much more chances to join a consulting firm in the USA with this option.

2) Apply for an European business school, join MBB and after a while, request a transfer to US office.


Does anyone see other options or has direct experience with visa in the USA?

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antwortete am 15. Okt. 2021
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  • Your first option should be to join MBB in Italy, stay for a couple of years, ask for a transfer to the US (definitive or temporary; if you get a temporary, you ask the definitive one when the temporary is about to end…).
  • Second option is to join MBB in Italy, get your MBA sponsored, do it in the US, and then request to stay in the US (or get an offer from a competitor MBB if they don't want to do it).
  • If you don't get an MBB job right away, then your third option is to apply for an MBA in a US top business school. Sponsoring a Visa is not an issue for consulting firms. If they like you, they sponsor you. Moreover, if you study in the US you will have at least a 1year visa, and there are good chances you can get the H1-B after that. By doing a 2 year MBA in the US you get 2 chances to get the offer: during the summer internship recruiting period, and during the full time recruiting period.
  • The fourth option is to apply to an European business school, join MBB and then transfer, but this is your fall back plan. (note that if you apply to an European school, you won't be able to recruit to the US):
    • You will have to wait a couple of years before requesting a transfer, and at that point you will be at a manager level, when it is harder to be transfered.
    • Particularly to the US, as other regions (middle east, south asia are in high demand of managers, more or less regardless of their expertise. You will have to bring something extra to the table in order to be attractive to the US (expertise, strong performance, …)
    • At that point in time, the VISA will be a constraint for the US. It's much easier when you study there.
    • So you will have to bring to the table some kind of expertise that makes the receiving office want you. So you have to have the right industry experience and clearly be a high performer. It's not impossible, but it's difficult. 
    • If you follow this option, during your two years you should try to get staffed in US related projects or global projects, and specialize in an industry. 
    • Since mckinsey has more global staffing, this should be your top option if you start in an European office.

Finally, you can try to move to the US using your current degree (a lot of demand right now). And once you are there, try to move to MBB (or do an MBA, …).

Good luck, and hope this helps.

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Fabio am 15. Okt. 2021

In Italy is required a master degree to join MBB, so I should go to an Euroean top business school. In addition, I think it's very difficult to get a work in the USA for a foreigners with no work experience. What do you think about apply for a master in management in a top US business school?

Pedro am 15. Okt. 2021

MBB in the US won't hire you directly. But a large company looking for an undergrad in consulting will (happens all the time in Silicon Valley). If in Italy they require a masters - then instead of pursuing a masters abroad, apply to other european locations as they may not have the same requirement. By the way I don't think Mckinsey is asking for a masters. Double check that. Regarding a masters in management in the US I dont recommend it. What is valued in the US (and abroad) is an MBA, so you will have a major expense as well, but the benefit in not even close.


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antwortete am 15. Okt. 2021
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Hi Fabio,

If you are from Politecnico di Milano/Torino, the simplest path is probably the following:

  • Enroll in a Master at Politecnico or another target school in Italy
  • Work 2 years in MBB in Italy
  • Do an (ideally sponsored) MBA in the US
  • Network heavily and try to move to the US after the MBA (not guaranteed but possible)

Alternatively, you could look for a Master in the US after the bachelor. If you manage to land a target school, you could join directly MBB after that graduation there. This is likely going to be more difficult and more expensive though.

For other questions please feel free to PM me.



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Fabio am 15. Okt. 2021

Hi Francesco. I'm studying at University of Turin. So, I think I should apply for a top business school like LBS or HEC. Another alternative could be to go to a top business school in Canada. Maybe it would be easier to move from Canada to USA directly after studies or by requesting a re-location after a few years of work. What do you think about this option?

Francesco am 15. Okt. 2021

Hi Fabio, both options could work. I would check the number of alumni in MBB to understand if a school is a target one – that’s probably the most important factor. You should then weigh the other considerations (closeness with US, cost, length, scholarships, etc). Please PM me for more questions

Fabio am 15. Okt. 2021

Which is the best way to check the number of students in MBB. I use Linkedin, but when I choose the university, I can't filter based on bachelor/master/MBA. So, for example, I could count a person who went to Bocconi during his bachelor, but, in reality, he joined MBB after a master at HEC or a MBA at INSEAD.

Francesco am 15. Okt. 2021

LinkedIn is fine, you should still be able to get a general indicative number. For deeper research, you will have to check when they joined and the number of total graduates per year to make results comparable

antwortete am 15. Okt. 2021
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Few observations - that you might want to ponder:

  • Since you are studying computer science - you might want to explore core jobs in computer science itself.
  • Since you are completing your Bachelors - you will need to complete an MBA or masters at some point if you are pursuing consulting.
  • You are just completing your Bachelors - you are young. Don't be in a terrible rush and scramble to get your dream job. Build towards it. Make sure you are ready for it when you get it.

Some other pathways:

  • Pursue a computer science job for 2-3 years anywhere in the world. Then do an MBA in the US. Then get an MBB role in the US
  • Pursue a non-MBB consulting role in Europe for 2-3 years. Then do an MBA in the US. Then get an MBB role in the US.
  • Pursue an MBB role in Europe for 2 years. Get cross-office staffing or temporary transfers in the US. Generate a pull from the US office for a permanent transfer.
  • Pursue an MBB role in Europe for 2 years. Apply for a permanent transfer in the US.

Lets chat - feel free to message me about your pathways.

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antwortete am 15. Okt. 2021
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Good to have a clear direction already!

Option 2 seems more realistic. You should apply for a Master in a target European Business school, try to join MBB, and after your MBA, ideally in the US, request a transfer there.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,


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antwortete am 17. Okt. 2021
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Hi there,

Quite honestly it's quite tough to get a job upfront in the US without working rights.

It's absolutely possible, but if your odds are x in Europe, your odds in the US are .5x.

If you're looking to optimize success (i.e. increase the # of firms you can apply to, increase the odds of them inviting you to interview, etc.), your best bet is to study+apply in Europe, then look to transfer after strong performance in 1-2 years.

In the grand scheme of things a couple of years to work in your dream country is not that large of a sacrifice!

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