How to switch to independent consulting

Anonym A fragte am 9. Jun 2019 - 4 Antworten

Hi all,

I have been working in consulting for over 6 years, both at a MBB as at a tier 2 consulting firm. I am thinking about pursueing an career as an independent consultant, do you have any advice on how to find my first assignment in Europe? What are the chances to find an independent consulting job in the Middle East? Would be great if you could also share some names of headhunters/organization how can help with my search. Many thanks!

4 Antworten

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Astrid antwortete am 11. Jun 2019
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Hi there,

In case you're looking for consulting projects for freelancers in the German-speaking regions (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), have a look at our partner consultingheads. It's a job platform for (freelance) consultants looking to switch positions or exit the consulting industry.

Have a great week,


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Sergey antwortete am 10. Jun 2019

Some of my friends use GLG for ad-hoc / project based work (pls read an article on Wiki on them first)

Vlad antwortete am 10. Jun 2019
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Check Hourly Nerd (acquired and renamed now) - they have plenty of projects. However, this is a tough and unpredictable path that lack the key benefits of consulting - fast career progression and perks.


Anonym B antwortete am 10. Jun 2019

A great platform that I have found good freelance (independent consultancy) and permanent positions for Consultant is called MoveMeOn.

I recommend having a look they have positions in most geographies, not sure if Middle East is represented very strongly. They might have some remote work as well.

Hope it is helpful, let me know if any questions or if it was helpfull through a comment / like :)