How many mobile games were downloaded in Brazil last year (2019)?

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Midori fragte am 26. Feb. 2020

Hey, I will be doing an interview for a mobile game company in the next days and they will probably have a guesstimation question like these for me. I would answer it like that:

- Brazil Population: 200 M

- People who can afford to buy smartphones: 120 M

- Types of consumers:
(1) People don't use smartphones for playing: Those who just use for work, calling, seding sms or whatsapp. Those who uses only social media like whatsapp, instagram, etc (20 M)
(2) People who play moderately: Those who play while waiting for the doctor, or in the train/bus etc. They play but they don't download too many games, they use what is easiest.(80M)
(3) People who play a lot: those who spend lot of their time playing, not only they are waiting for the bus but also at home in their free time. They play a lot and like testing new kinds of games. (20M)

- Quantity of games downloaded per year:
(1) 20 M x 0,0 = 0,0
(2) 80 M x 6,0 = 480 M (1 game in 2 months)
(3) 20 M x 24,0 = 480 M (2 games in 1 month)
Total = 960 M

What do you think?
Would it be better to classify the population by age?
Should I consider something else?

Thanks everyone

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antwortete am 27. Feb. 2020
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Overall agree. Howeever, I don´t understand what are the assumptions for the part in which you calulate 20-80-20. Would it not be easier to follow if you did the clustering by age?



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antwortete am 26. Feb. 2020
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Hello Midori,

I like your approach, but how can you justify the split 20-80-20 between the 3 categories?I think it is a critical point. Startin from population split by age has the big advantage that you can consider an even distribution among categories.

More over, don't forget to consider that middle age people (40-60) can not be interested in games but they could have children without smartphone that want to play using their smartphones.

Hope it helps,

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Midori am 27. Feb. 2020

You are right about it! I will change it! thank you!

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Hi Midori, the general approach is good. I would backup better the 20-80-20 split, by talking about percentage after having identified some KPI to segment the population (e.g. age, ...)


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Hi Midori,

Your approach is good. However you can take it a bit further.

1) Explain your reasoning

2) Break down the population into more logical groups (income and or age)

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