How do I get the final answer?

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Anonym A fragte am 3. Okt. 2019

I calculated everything correctly until 53million vaccines (the second to last step). Then I got lost calculating the final revenue of 1.8billion. Could any member in the community please show me the following steps so I can find my mistake. My final revenue was found to be 5.3billion.

Thank you!

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Anonym C antwortete am 4. Nov. 2019

The actual kids who will take your vaccine is ~26m

The vaccine needs 3 does to work - 1 every 6 months.

But in a year they can only take 2 does. So, 26 * 2 = 53 units of vaccine

Now 3 vaccine = 100

1 vaccine = 33

26m * 2 * 33 = 1716m = 1.716B

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Anonym B antwortete am 13. Okt. 2019

Realistically the biggest proportion of children will get only 2 vaccines per year (let's say in March and in September; not in January/June/December). That would mean if your 26.67M customers are due to pay 100 euro for 3 vaccines, they will actually pay 66 euro for 2 vaccines (making the total number of vaccines 53M as you suggested).

26.67M people x 66 euro =1.8B or another to put this is: 53M vaccines x 33 euro = 1.8B

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