Hey! Did anyone do the BCG Potential test in a German office recently?

Christina fragte am 17. Aug 2019 - 2 Antworten


I am wondering if someone who has done the BCG Potential test in the last month in Germany could share his/her experience?

Which industry was it about, questions you remember, etc. ..

Would love to hear from you; it would be extremely helpful.

Many thanks and a fantastic weekend.


You get a written test that you have to complete on a computer. This is important since you should not prepare with a printout, since you could be looking at two pages at the same time to answer a question and would not have to jump between pages on the screen, like in the real test. For preparation you should be able to access the med-lines case. Google it if you can not find it. My actual case was about pharma. I took it in Feb so I don't recall any questions, but I would assume your question is implying a wrong approach. You should practice analytical and tactical skills for this test. E. g. move on after 2 minutes if you do not have a good approach for the given question. — Joschka am 23. Aug 2019 (editiert)

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Raphaela antwortete am 22. Aug 2019


I did it in germany two weeks ago. It was about consumer goods (beverage). I found it way tougher than the one I got from BCG to practice.

I also had a beverage case during my VA interview last december - probably the exact same case. — Alina-Kristin am 22. Aug 2019

Ich hatte am Freitag (23.8.) auch eine Case zum Getränkemarkt als Online Case im BCG Office. Bei PN gerne mehr Infos. — Thorben am 27. Aug 2019

Anonym A antwortete am 19. Aug 2019

only replying so that I can see future answers. Also does someone know whether the BCG test/case interview will be held in German or English?

I've been told there are two interviews, one in German, one in English. The practice test they sent was in German, so I'd assume that's in German in real life, too. — Mirjam am 20. Aug 2019

is this practice test a numerical reasoning test? or just a case study - I'm unsure how to process works because BCG's website doesn't state you have to pass an online test, but on all these forums people have said there is one.. — Anonym A am 21. Aug 2019

You have to take an Online-Case on the same day you have your two case interviews. The case should (supposedly) be similar to the ones you find in the interactive case library (ICL) on the BCG website: https://www.bcg.com/Interactives/ICL/. — Christian am 22. Aug 2019

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