Frameworks for IT Case or IT Strategy Case

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Hi there,

I’m currently preparing for my case interviews at Capgemini Consulting and Accenture Strategy. I’m already familiar with the classical business frameworks like SWAT, Value Chain, Porters 5 Forces….

However, I'm wondering if there are specific frameworks for IT case or IT strategy case. Stuff like ITIL or TOGAF seems to be too cumbersome and heavy for an 1h case interview. This leads to my questions:

  1. Is there a case interview suitable blueprint for an IT-Strategy (i.e. a list of all elements an IT-Strategy should consist of, like application, sourcing and organisation strategy)?
  2. Is there a case interview suitable framework to develop an IT-Strategy or to analyse a given situation?

Thanks in advance!

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I know first hand about Accenture Strategy, and what I can tell you is the following:

1) Forget about IT matters, ACN Strategy think about business problems (in the broad sense)

2) The interviews (at least in my case) always were a text to be evaluated afterward

3) The business case format is much more conversational than other consulting firms (interviewer-led), the Potentia test is the other way around - you talk all the time.

4) Potentia subjects are like poverty, education, guerrillas and case interviews are like MBB cases but easier (but keep in mind all the business concepts)

Hope it helps!

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