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Final interview at BCG Latam Office

Anonym A fragte am 20. Apr 2018 - 2 Antworten

Last Friday (4/13) I had my final interviews at BCG with the Partner and Managing Director of the office and a soon-to-be Principal (who was also the Recruiting Director for that office). Overall, I believe it went OK. However, it's been a week now and haven't heard from them. From what I've read and heard from other people, you usually get an offer the same day or the following business day. Is it safe to assume at this point that I've been dinged?

I would greatly appreciate your help/thoughts on this matter. Thank you, all.


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antwortete am 20. Apr 2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years
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While what you say is generally correct, there is no harm in reaching out and ask directly and take any second guessing out.


Thank you very much for sharing your thought, Andrea. I reached out my HR contact this morning with a follow-up email. She replied saying that they would get back before April, 27th. It just seems to me that 2 weeks is quite a lot to assess my performance. If I was dinged, I would've expected a sooner call. In your experience, what could that mean? Once again, thanks a lot for the feedback. — Anonym am 20. Apr 2018

Vlad antwortete am 21. Apr 2018
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Glad you've reached an HR

That can just mean that your interviewers had not yet a chance to discuss your performance - they are quite busy in general.

Just wait for the decision and keep calm.


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