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I recently gave 2 interviews for my McK first round, on different days (Industry hire - Operations practice - Singapore Office). My first interview went really well and I connected with the interviewer. During my second interview, the interviewer was a young guy (I later learned from a colleague that I was probably his first interviewee) and he was very off-script during the interview. Initially I thought he was just being casual to throw me off but he kept mocking my answers/recommendations and refused to give me time to prepare for any questions.

I have been notified now by the recruiter that I need to give a third interview to balance out the recommendations, which is what I expected. Another EM in McK has encouraged me to feedback to the recruiter about this experience but I am a bit hesitant since I might be directly working with this person, if I get an offer. How should a candidate handle such experiences?

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Anonym antwortete am 30. Juli 2018

This is a challenging situation. Given you have already been given a 3rd interview as an opportunity to prove yourself, you don't have the main benefit of such a complaint (i.e. being given another chance to interview). Therefore, it might be OK to not mention it for now.

However, if you wanted to mention it, you could either:

1) Contact HR but say that you would like to be anonymous in the feedback but that they should take this into consideration for future interviews they give

2) Depending on how your relationship with the EM is, you could ask him to talk to recruiting on your behalf about this experience and the need for greater quality-control in terms of interviewers.

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antwortete am 30. Juli 2018
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Several points here:

  1. There are no pros of giving the feedback now since you already got the 3rd interview
  2. It's fine to give the feedback at the end of the process
  3. You should not have concerns about this since people at McK are used to getting the feedbacks. Also, there are so many managers that the chances are low that you'll work with him again.


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