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Easy case types on MBB interviews - still possible?

Marcin fragte am 15. Aug 2019 - 4 Antworten

Hello guys, getting thru cases I'm wondering and I'm really sceptic about facing some simple case type while MBB recruiting. Does anyone know if this is still possible to face i.e. profitability/market entry/estimation/M&A case in MBB interviews? Ok, maybe this sounds a bit cheeky, however I would more expect some trickier cases consisting of mix of some of mentioned. Of course I have no doubts if we are talking about practicing them, but I would not expect to be given a straight profitability case with one driver root cause or even two.

So what's your thoughts? It is possible to receive some "classical" cases nowadays?

4 Antworten

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Vlad antwortete am 15. Aug 2019
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profitability/market entry/estimation/M&A case - you've mentioned 90% of the cases. What's left?:)

Yes, you can get pretty classic cases - this happens a lot. However, make sure you don't underestimate the case. What starts as a profitability problem may become an ops / cost cutting case easily


Gaurav antwortete am 16. Aug 2019
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I wonder the lense through which you are looking at cases is correct. Cases are business problems. Have the classic business problems cease to exist? Are companies not facing profitability problems? Certainly not. What has changed is the ways to approch and solve problems.

Please note:

1. You can still get the same case that you had read few times on different forum, and interviewer can twik it or can lead you to a branch of the issue tree that you were least expecting

2. Even profitability, market entry case can be quite tough

So, rather than having the 'case structure-wise' lense while preparing, have open mind, develop expertise of developing issue tree that focuses on 'problem at hand'. Some people also call this mindset or method as 'intuitive problem structuring'

Hope this helps. All the best!

antwortete am 15. Aug 2019
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The purpose of the case isn't to throw you off course, it is to get a grasp of your approach to structured thinking, your interest in solving these types of problems and your ability to walk through the case in a logical manner. To echo the others, you will definitely encounter classic cases in your interview process.

antwortete am 15. Aug 2019
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Hi Marcin,

It*s very mich possible to get a "standard" case in terms of structure. I myself sometimes do a profitability case. But be sure that every good MBB consultant will modify the cases sufficiently to make them hard enough ;)