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Case interview format of Deloitte

Anonym A fragte am 26. Sep 2019 - 2 Antworten

I am interviewing for Deloitte Consulting in the UK. I couldn't find any standard sources for the case interview format followed by Deloitte. Are there any resources you could point me to?


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Hi Anonymous,

as mentioned by Vlad, if the interview is based only on case questions you can prepare as you would do for a standard consulting interview at MBB, Strategy&, RB, OW, ATK, etc. I would clarify with HR if there are additional steps involved, such as a group or written case, which are present at Deloitte in some countries (eg Germany).

I helped several people for Deloitte and have 15+ real questions they asked, including written cases; for more information please feel free to PM me.



antwortete am 26. Sep 2019
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First of all you can always email / call the recruiter and ask

Forthe case interview format I would expect the standard approach to cases, similar to other companies


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