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Anonym A fragte am 12. Jan. 2022

Dear all: I'm wondering whether there's any ways I can find the official scorecard that Bain & BCG uses to evaluate candidate's performance? Could anyone share it?

On the other hand, are there any specific areas Bain & BCG would have more focus and is stated on the evaluation score card? Thanks for your advice.

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Although it´s a very interesting question, none will share the official one -and less here, unfortunately-. 

However, the competences looked for in candidates are easily available only. I have also deep dived on them in the"Integrated FIT guide for MBB" has been recently published in PrepLounge´s shop (, particularly, in the Intro. Happy to share that part, feel free to follow up

It provides an end-to-end preparation for all three MBB interviews, tackling each firms particularities and combining key concepts review and a hands-on methodology. Following the book, the candidate will prepare his/her stories by practicing with over 50 real questions and leveraging special frameworks and worksheets that guide step-by-step, developed by the author and her experience as a Master in Management professor and coach. Finally, as further guidance, the guide encompasses over 20 examples from real candidates.

Furthermore, you can find a Expert Article on PreLounge fully dedicated to Behavioural questions, one of the key building blocks of FIT:

In adition to that, you can find 2 free cases in the PrepL case regarding FIT preparation (motivational quesitons and Intro & CV questions:

Intro and CV questions >

Motivational questions >

Feel free to PM me for disccount codes for the Integrated FIT Guide, since we still have some left from the launch

Hope it helps!



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antwortete am 13. Jan. 2022
Current Bain & Company Project Leader and interviewer | 250+ interviews conducted | 6+ years of coaching and mentoring

Hi there,

First of all, congratulations on being so thorough in your preparation for your upcoming interviews!

This is indeed an interesting question which is probably relevant for quite a lot of users, so I am happy to provide my perspective on it:

  • Generally speaking, since this is confidential information, you will most probably not receive any answer to your question, unfortunately.
  • Moreover, it is absolutely not necessary to know what is written in those scorecards since common sense will tell you that all consulting companies will assess your performance based on the following criteria (with most probably the same weighting):
    • How you structure your thoughts
    • Your quantitative abilities
    • Your business judgement
    • How you find creative solutions to tough questions
    • Your case leadership
    • How you present yourself, both regarding your presence and your communication

In case you want a more detailed discussion on how to best prepare your upcoming interviews, please feel free to contact me directly.

I hope this helps,


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antwortete am 14. Jan. 2022
Former BCG Con and political advisor here to help you crack the case (MBB, Europe & MidEast, non-business backgrounds)

Hi Anonymous,

good luck for your interviews.


As mentioned, no current or past recruiting consultant with MBB will post or share their scorecard here. 

However, most dimensions are pretty clear and transparent, such as 

- analytical skills 

- quantitative skills 

- interpersonal skills (likable, authentic)

- cultural fit

These will be reflected in all companies‘ scorecards. I also don’t think BCG and Bain put a much different emphasis on any of these.


Good luck and best regards 



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bearbeitete eine Antwort am 13. Jan. 2022
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Hi there,

In short, they are looking for:

  • Structure/Framework
  • Case Leadership
  • Math
  • Chart/Exhibit reading
  • Communication
  • Presence
  • Recommendation

Feel free to message me for my one sentence summary of an optimal candidate AND a sample scorecard.


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bearbeitete eine Antwort am 14. Jan. 2022
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No one will share it, and honestly it's useless. If you are asking for it, you clearly don't understand how it works. This is not like a test where you need to get x% of questions right.

At the end, everything is tested: can you solve the case analytically, can you communicate well, can you relate with others, are you coachable, can you think quantitatively and qualitatively, do you have good judgement, … (Ian's answer is better structured that this part, actually)

I've filled out many scorecards in many companies. I've never seen anyone taking a math approach to this. We would look into the criteria, see if there was a major flaw, decide on passing or not, and only then we would fill out the scorecard. So when we fill out the scorecard, we already have our opinion on what to do.


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McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut
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