Any recommendations for good consulting firms in Sweden? (Besides MBB)

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Hello everyone, I am interested in an entry level consulting job in consulting in Sweden. I applied to MBB for a different office than Sweden without much luck. But now I am looking to apply to lower-tier firms in Sweden/Stockholm, does anyone have any recommendations for consulting jobs or any companies with good strategy positions. I found some results online but I appreciate answers from experienced people here. Thanks. I am not fluent in Swedish but I can legally easily work there. I hope I provided enough detail but if there is any way I can clarify please tell me. Thanks

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Hi Anonymous,

I would target the classical global 2nd tier in terms of prestige to start with: OW, ATK, Strategy& and RB (some of them may have a representative office only though so not really actively hiring). Besides them, I would also consider QVARTZ which is a relatively strong player in the market. Note that since Sweden is a relatively small market, some companies may have a very small office and not be as strong as some pure local players, which may influence your decision whether to apply for them or not.




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