Any advice for inperson interview with Oliver Wyman's Public Sector Middle East Team?

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Geoffrey fragte am 15. Jan. 2019

If anyone has gone through the process I would love to know everything you are willing to share. Any tips, any pitfalls to avoid would be amazing

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antwortete am 18. Jan. 2019
Bain and BCG experience - Industry hire experience - 150+ cases


I also interviewed with them in the past and received an offer. The most important thing, in addition to the usual ones (Why the Firm, Enthuisiasm, Why consulting...) is to give them a sense that you know what the Public sector environment in Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia, as they are working mainly there) is about.

So they may ask you some cases that involves the Vision 2030, the key priorities for Saudi, the Approach to Turism, which are the key sectors that they should consider to growth the economy, How much is important for them to differentiate by oil...

Give them a sense that you have made your research on the key macro economic problems and trends in Saudi/ Middle East and youll be in a good trajectory.

Hope this can help,



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Geoffrey am 18. Jan. 2019

Thank you very much Luca!!

antwortete am 9. März 2020
Expert interviewer | NY attorney/Strategy consultant | Oliver Wyman

Macro0trends and basic econ 101 will only get you that far in my opnion. Everybody has good ideas on how to create employment or develop an entire industry. I suggest you take these questions from a project development perspective instead of talking econ generalities. You want to develop tourism start with X while developing your visa processess.. then down the line you should do Y. Your conversation should really be as practical as possible

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Bain and BCG experience - Industry hire experience - 150+ cases
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