Case-Interview-Übungsmaterial auf PrepLounge

PrepLounge ist die Anlaufstelle, wenn es um Consulting-Interview-Vorbereitung geht. Profitiere von 180+ Cases, 15+ Video-Tutorials, 50+ Framework-Artikeln, 200+ Case-Interview-Übungen, einem Kopfrechen-Tool, Lebenslaufvorlagen und mehr!

Profitiere von einer großen Vielfalt an Übungsmaterial

Löse 180+ Cases mit detaillierten Lösungen
50+ Lektionen bringen Dir Schritt für Schritt bei, wie Du jeden Case lösen wirst
80+ Stunden Videomaterial von Webinaren bis Framework-Beispielen
Übe Kopfrechen für das Case-Interview unter Zeitdruck
Löse kurze Quizze, um Deine Consulting-Skills zu testen
Beantworte 110+ Personal-Fit-Fragen und übe mit Druck umzugehen
Deine Case-Interview-Vorbereitung auf PrepLounge beinhaltet einen kostenlosen personalisierten PrepPlan, der Dich Schritt für Schritt durch unser Übungsmaterial führt – je nachdem, wie viel Zeit Du bis zu Deinem Interview hast. So stellst Du sicher, dass Du das Wichtigste abgedeckt hast, inklusive dem Kern Deiner Vorbereitung – das Üben mit anderen Case-Partnern.

Profitiere in 3 Schritten vom gesamten Übungsmaterial

Schnelle Anmeldung

Melde Dich kostenfrei an und erhalte einen Probe-Zugang zum Übungsmaterial

Kostenfrei testen

Ein Großteil des Übungsmaterials ist kostenfrei – sauge so viel Wissen auf, wie Du nur kannst

Upgrade zu Premium

Mit einer Premium-Mitgliedschaft erhältst Du Zugriff auf das gesamte Übungsmaterial

Oft gestellte Fragen

Are the PrepLounge resources for free?

Almost all resources on PrepLounge can be used with a freemium access which means that you get to try it to a certain degree but have to upgrade to Premium to use it to the full extend. Some resources are completely free, such as the BootCamp, mental math tool, stress questions tool and Consulting Q&A. The only completely paid resources are coachings and tests & guides.

How can I prepare best for my case interview using PrepLounge?

Your case interview preparation on PrepLounge includes a free personalized PrepPlan that will guide you step-by-step through our resources, depending on how much time you have until your interview and per week. This will help you keep an overview of your entire case preparation and make sure that you are not missing anything important along the way. Generally, we recommend our cost-efficient CoachingPlus package for your interview preparation, as it includes both coachings and a 6-week Premium Membership with access to the most important PrepLounge resources.

What is the BootCamp?

In our BootCamp we have put together everything you need to know about case interviews. Our primary goal is to equip you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and best-practice methodologies that enable you to crack any single case you can think of. In total, you can read through 50 relevant articles from the areas: interview first aid, case cracking and business concepts.

Where can I find cases to practice with other candidates or myself?

We offer a vast selection of cases in our Case Library. You can solve challenging problems around market sizing, market entry, pricing, or operations strategy. Moreover, all provided cases are marked with a level of difficulty and the respective case style.

Do you offer something to practice personal fit questions?

Our stress questions tool is the perfect tool to practice for the personal fit part of the interview. As the timer runs up you are asked to answer different personal fit questions. We have prepared more than 200 different questions! When clicking on W to write an answer, you will be directed to the Q&A where you can also read through the answers by coaches and other candidates.

How can I train all integral skills needed in management consulting?

To train this, we offer our Mental Math Tool as well as our Case Interview Exercises. Since your math skills are super important for your case interview performance, we have built this easy-to-use tool that allows you to practice math with respect to all basic operations. Our Case Interview Exercises will help you improve your performance within the subjects of logical reasoning, graph and chart reading as well as written math assignments.

How can I integrate the resources in my case practice?

All of the resources offered on PrepLounge can be but into an individual PrepPlan that is based on how many weeks you have to prepare as well as how many hours per week you want to invest into your case prep. This will help you keep an overview of your entire case preparation and make sure that you are not missing anything important along the way.

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