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Ex-Bain Consultant | Columbia MBA | Experienced interviewer & case coach
Case interview mastery
Fit and storytelling preparation
Resume and cover letter review
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159 USD / h
Ex-Bain Consultant | Columbia MBA | Experienced interviewer & case coach
Case interview mastery
Fit and storytelling preparation
Resume and cover letter review
159 USD / h
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Über Torey

I am a former Bain consultant and Columbia Business School MBA with extensive experience in interview preparation, from case coaching to fit prep and CV reviews. With this end to end experience, I have guided dozens of candidates to their goals across consulting firms and corporate strategy roles, including in positions at MBB, Big Four firms and others.

Since you’re looking to work in consulting, you likely want the data so here are some salient stats about my coaching background and qualifications:

During my work at Bain Brussels for 2 ½ years

  • Conducted 30+ interviews
  • Developed own case experience into 5 cases used in interviews
  • Member of the recruiting team for MBA and experienced hires, coaching 3 “buddies” to offers. Deep understanding of recruiting criteria and candidate evaluation process
  • Participated in 6 in person and remote recruiting events

Mentor and coach experience at during my MBA Columbia Business School

  • Coached 100+ students across various aspects of consulting interviews
  • 80+ CV + cover letter reviews
  • 30+ people coached with 50+ case prep sessions
  • 50+ fit prep sessions
  • Mentees received offers from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Oliver Wyman, Kearney, LEK, Deloitte, EY-Parthenon, PWC/Strategy&, KPMG and OC&C, plus several corporates

To get the most out of our collaboration, I offer not only case coaching, but also fit preparation and CV/resume and cover letter reviews. While cracking the case is often a focus of candidates, it is critical for your success to also invest in being able to tell your story and translate your skills and experiences into a compelling narrative to land the offer. I hope I can be the one to help you on that journey!

Beyond my history of coaching results, I offer a structured approach tailored to your needs as a candidate. Whether you’ve never done a case or you’re well into your practice, I will be able to provide new perspective that will help you progress in your preparation journey. Though if your first round at McKinsey is tomorrow and you’ve never done a case before, even I might not be able to help you ;)

I believe you’ll get the most value out of our time together by viewing recruiting as an end to end process from application through offer selection. My aim is to help you succeed which means excelling in each of these aspects. Still, if there is one area in particular that you would like to focus on, let’s master that target topic!

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Strategy & Transformation Manager
2023 - Jetzt
Bain & Company
2021 - 2023
Summer Consultant
2019 - 2019
Senior Equity Research Associate
Macquarie Group
2015 - 2018
Equity Research Associate
2014 - 2015
Columbia Business School
2018 - 2020
Wirtschaftswissenschaften (BWL, VWL, etc.)
George Washington University
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