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Ex-Oliver Wyman Associate Partner - +300 interviews - now Strategy Director
Top tier consulting 1st and 2nd round interviews
Real feedback from an Associate Partner
+15 years professional experience
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149 USD / h
Ex-Oliver Wyman Associate Partner - +300 interviews - now Strategy Director
Top tier consulting 1st and 2nd round interviews
Real feedback from an Associate Partner
+15 years professional experience
149 USD / h
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  • 10 years in consulting; Associate Partner with extensive interviewing expertise (+300 interviews, both 1st and 2nd round)
  • Successful PhD to consulting path. I know how hard it is when you come from the non-typical background (e.g., PhD) and I would love to share my experience with you and get you prepared for success
  • Strong expertise in TMT, Strategy, Pricing, Sales Transformation and AI/BigData topics
  • Seasoned professional now Strategy Director in a private firm
  • +5 years as researcher in prestigious labs in US, Switzerland and Spain
  • PhD from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya/Columbia University
  • Love to coach other future consultants to achieve their dream job

My value proposotion

  • Extensive interviewing experience (+300 cases) - got a real god eye to discern a good candidate, with all sort of profiles incl technical/labs candidates
  • Practice with an AP from a top tier consulting; All cases will be as if in a real case interview situation. I will give you real-time feedback on what you do well/what you need to fix; You will yourself notice how you improve as we progress throughout a series of sessions
  • Preparation of fit interviews, 1st and 2nd round cases. Cases from all top-tier firms; including the set of cases I used during my time at OW.
  • Get feedback to understand how close or far you are from getting an offer and a plan to get you ready to land one.
  • Genuine interest in helping you succeed
  • While not in prepLounge, I've prepared many friends/colleagues to land a job in consulting;
  • I will not stop the session after 1 hour if you or I need 10 or 15 more minutes to discuss something relevant; we haven't finished what we where planning to do in the session
  • I will share all detailed feedback in written so you can focus on it to prep for upcoming sessions


I work with anyone with genuine interest in giving a serious try to this process. I will adapt the approach and process to fit your needs and personalize your experience. For example, I work with:

  • People preparing for their first time for consulting interviews with an already extensive case experience who want to test their skills in a real top tier case interview simulation and get the same feedback they would get in a real case
  • People who have gone through consulting interview processes in the past, failed and want to know exactly why and how to fix it with someone with the right expertise to do so
  • People who are preparing an interview where they need to prepare and present a case upfront and want to know how to solve and present the case with support of an experienced professional
  • People who have taken the decision to give a try to consulting and want to start preparing their interviews (as I did years ago when I finished my PhD and without any prior knowledge of the consulting world - it was a university colleague who pointed me towards that). I know very well the approach and the process to get there. I have the experience, the contents and the plan to help you do so.

As I still have limited volume of cases, cannot offer programs (e.g., 3 sessions bought at once) so we will have to start with individual sessions and we will jointly determine the right frequency and contents based on your starting point and progress I(we) observe in your performance.


1️⃣ Text me if you have any question we will schedule a free 15-min intro call to get to know each other and understand your starting point, objectives and properly define how we can work together.

2️⃣ Set up an initial 1 hour coaching session. In our initial discussion we will define the right content of this session (e.g., case interview - short vs. long cases, fit interview, overall process strategy preparation, etc.) 

3️⃣ We align on the agenda and start executing the plan. After each session you will receive written feedback on your progress. We can adjust the plan based on your progress, whatever is the best for you to reach your goals.

4️⃣ Be with you along your interview process and when you land your offers!

Director Strategic Partnerships
Currently Strategy Director in Industry
2021 - Jetzt
Oliver Wyman
2013 - 2021
Columbia University in the City of New York
2011 - 2012
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
2008 - 2009
Kein Abschluss
Columbia University
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