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Only if you get the offer, I have succeeded!



Only practice with intensive feedback can get you where you need to be for landing the offer you so desire. 

My coaching approach is centered around giving you real-life case interviews (personal fit + analytical case) to have you experience what it really feels like to be there and providing you with honest feedback and specific focus areas for individual work

Feedback is leaned on the discussion we had within the interviewer team during a process we used to call “integration” (i.e., the part where we lay bare the strengths and weaknesses of every candidate).    

  • The baseline: Your individual profile is the starting point for any interview discussion. Establishing a strong storyline for your individual discussion with the interviewer is the cornerstone for landing an offer.
    → We will identify the key elements of your baseline and get rid of the clutter based on a first mock interview (i.e., personal fit).
  • The personality: No matter how far you have come until this point, there is always a great story in whatever you have done, that can make you stand out as an interviewee. The key is to refine it in way that during the interview you can convince the interviewer of your matching personality.
    → We will explore your individual storyline and hone on the strengths and weaknesses that come with it.
  • The analytics: Getting the analytical part right is the hygienic criteria for any case interview. This is the part where only practice and making mistakes advances you.
    → We run through 20+ real interview cases across the entire spectrum (i.e., number-heavy, structure, creative, qualitative, etc.).
  • The communication: Sometimes forgotten, but the single most important element throughout your interview, and your consulting career. Your personal communication style matters and there are certain tools to refine it
    → We will explore ways in which you can shape your personal communication style, to become even more effective.



  • Conducted 250+ interviews as active interviewer and recruiting core group member for BCG
  • Have been with BCG for 5+ years across multiple practice areas and functional areas  
  • Counseled 100+ candidates in their MBB journey with success rate of +75% for MBB applicants
  • Have gotten offers from MBB + Kearney + Roland Berger + Strategy& + Accenture, all except Oliver Wyman ;) 
  • Case interviews are so much more than just analytics, let me show you what really matters!


P.S.: Most of the candidates (~63%) we did not hire at BCG lacked across three particular areas, let me tell you which once during our session.  



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