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Explore new techniques: Neurodiverse (ADHD) Ex-BCG (London), Roland Berger (London) and United Nations (Bangkok)
Roland Berger, BCG, United Nations
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Practice is the best way to learn

Securing a position at a top-tier consulting firm such as McKinsey, BCG, or Bain is hard but not impossible. I stand by your side as someone who has received offers from McKinsey, BCG, Bain and Roland Berger. I decided first to work for BCG and later switched to Roland Berger before I started my own Education Tech Start-up. During my time at BCG and Roland Berger I was involved in interviewing new joiners. So I have been on both sides of the game.

My USP is being neurodiverse with ADHD

The extra dose of nervousness was a constant companion, yet through a blend of tailored strategies, I managed to mitigate my potential hurdles (being extra nervous in a test environment) and leverage my creative strength to solve the cases . This experience now forms a crucial part of the toolkit I offer to my mentees.

How I can help you

  1. Tailored strategy development:
    • Your journey is distinct and warrants a bespoke strategy. We'll work together to craft a plan that amplifies your strengths and diligently tackles your areas of improvement.
  2. Mock Interviews with constructive feedback:
    • Practice under realistic conditions is the most important part. Engage in rigorous mock interviews followed by constructive feedback to improve your responses and approach.
  3. CV and cover letter polishing:
    • Your CV and cover letter are the initial handshake with potential employers. I’ll help you to refine them to fit for MBBs.
  4. Insight into the consulting firm culture:
    • A sneak peek into the culture and operational ethos of top-tier firms, a facet often overlooked yet highly valued by recruiters.
  5. Interview anxiety mitigation (my core strenght)
    • Drawing from my personal journey of managing ADHD-induced nervousness, I’ll share effective tactics to manage interview anxiety, enabling you to present your best self confidently.

What to expect in my coaching sessions

Our engagement will be a blend of focused practical exercises, personalized guidance, and insightful discussions. Starting with an assessment of your current preparation level, we’ll transition into mock interviews, real-time feedback, and strategy refinement. Each session is designed not just to prep you for the interview but to implant a consulting mindset, setting you on the right path of success in the consulting industry.

Embark on this transformative journey towards becoming a standout consultant, with me as your coach who has navigated this path successfully and is keen on ensuring you do, too.


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