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Hey there, let's spice up your case interview prep and take it to the next level!

  1. Get cozy with the case interview format: It's time to dive into the exciting world of case interviews! Get to know the different types of cases, like profitability ones, market entry cases, M&A cases, pricing, etc. It's like exploring different realms of business problem-solving! I will help you unravel the secret frameworks used in these interviews.
  2. Become a business guru: Gear up and strengthen your understanding of the core business concepts. Strategy, operations, finance, marketing, and organizational behavior are your new best friends.
  3. Level up through practice: Practice, practice, practice! It's the magical ingredient that transforms you into a case-crushing wizard. We will start with the basic cases and let the journey take you to more complex challenges. If you already have some case-solving experience, we can up the ante and focus on specific industries or verticals. It's like going from solving simple puzzles to cracking mind-bending riddles!
  4. Embrace the numbers: Become a number-crunching maestro! Enhance your quantitative skills by flexing your mental math muscles, mastering the art of data interpretation, and slaying financial statements like a boss. And hey, don't forget the thrilling calculations like profit margins, break-even analysis, and market share. It's like stepping into the quant-side adventure zone!
  5. Brace yourself for some honest feedback: After each practice case, I'll be your trusty guide, providing you with invaluable insights and helping you refine your problem-solving approach. Let's incorporate that feedback into your subsequent practice sessions to unlock your true potential. It's like a treasure hunt for improvement!
  6. Develop your personal fit: Beyond case prep, let's not forget about the perfect fit with the consulting firms you fancy. I'll be your cultural matchmaker, helping you research the firms' vibes, values, and recent projects. We'll discover how your experiences align with their awesomeness. Get ready to articulate your motivations and why you're head over heels for a specific firm. It's like finding your consulting soulmate!

Remember, case interview prep is requires consistent effort and practice. Make it your quest, allocate dedicated time each week, and create a study schedule to ace the process. And most importantly, believe in yourself because you've got what it takes! Good luck, and let's rock those cases together!


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