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Hi! Welcome in!

First, thank you very much for your time as you are reading my coaching page!

My name is Benjamin, I am a former BCG consultant in the Paris office (one of the most competitive). As my profile is quite atypical, having studied fundamental physics and not having the chance to attend the BCG strategy course or to get into the business schools' interviewing groups, I learned on my own and with the help of some people, how to build my consulting interviewing skillset from ZERO, up to being a TOP BCG performer.

Today, my purpose is to transmit to YOU all my knowledge and the methods I built to succeed. I learned a lot through this journey, worked hard, read the case books, received help and got all the way up from nothing to the finish line - it is now time for me to give back!

Let's get started with my approach…


  1. What to expect from me?

    As a top performer at BCG, I will bring honest and valuable feedback all along your coaching experience with me. My purpose is to make you succeed in the best way possible, following your own goals and ambitions.

    1. In the 1st meeting:

      We will go through your background and test your “fit” interviewing skills as well as your ability to solve a business case in the way the consulting companies want you to do it.

      We will identify your current strenghts, which will be the foundations to build your skills on, explore your areas of improvement needed for any consulting interviewing process, as well as requested by the firm you want to get an offer from.
    2. After the 1st meeting and all along your preparation journey:

      Based on this assessment, we will divide our work into two segments:
      1. The hard skills you must learn and and master:
        • Fit interviewing skills
        • How to conduct a consulting case study
        • Toolkits such as how to brainstorm the good way, how to be MECE, how to size any market in any situation…
        • Focused cases such as market sizing, company analysis, financial performance analysis…
      2. The methodology to extract the most value out of your preparation:
        • How to use PrepLounge and turn your meetings into auto-coaching sessions
        • How to use the resources (online, books, PST…)
    3. Meeting after meeting:

      We will apply the BCG's problem solving method to iteratively build your consulting skillset, basing your further development on your current ability and feedback. This means: you will get better and better and your interviewing performance will get closer and closer to what the consulting firms want.
  2. What will I expect from you in return?

    I will expect you to put what you learned into practice before meeting me again.

    As my way of coaching is iterative, I will give you Tips & Tricks and some assignments as we go along your preparation journey, in order for you to build your consulting skillset the same way you build a house: foundations first, followed by walls ans roofs and then customizing the interior, while still hardening the foundations, walls and roofs.

Again, my purpose is to transmit my knowledge and methods and to make you succeed. As we agree to become case partners, I will do my part of the job and I will deliver as much value as I can for you. And I will be more than happy to here from you in between our meetings and of course, when you land an offer!



Your coach Benjamin


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