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Inhouse Consulting Check – How to Know Which Consulting Career Is Right for You |


Which company fits my personal values? And to my life plan? Do I want to focus on a broad range of areas or would I rather specialize? And if I narrow down my project area, in what?

These and many more questions are probably on your mind when you start application processes for management consulting. In the end, the conclusion remains: You can only answer it yourself. But we can at least give you a little guidance and share three reasons for inhouse consulting:

#1 Lean on your prior knowledge and network

In any project, whether it is as an internal or external consultancy, it is particularly important to have solid planning and to develop a detailed, well-tested master plan, on which you can always rely. Especially in transformation projects of big magnitude, a stable, reliable compass is desired from consultants to give everyone orientation. This should not change in the rough lines over time and therefore benefits from deep knowledge about the company and genuine commitment from all involved parties. Inhouse consultants provide an unbeatable basis here, as they can build on long-lasting trusted relationships with their internal colleagues.

„When you start a new project, it helps a lot if you already know the company well. The long-standing relationships we build with our E.ON partner also make a big difference.“ – Sissel, Consultant at E.ON Inhouse Consulting

#2 Build trust and be a critical friend  

You want to plan for the long term and are already interested in a particular industry? Go with the company that creates authentic impressions and really lives up to its values.

Trust, appreciation as well as an open culture take time to build and maintain. Feedback is the main element to understand what ties client and consultant together and how individuals feel or perceive certain actions. The more you understand those dynamics the better you can build high-performing teams across the company. Since inhouse consultants are part of the family, the same vision and deeply rooted trust are mutually beneficial. And even more: You are not just with the company every day and are able to create a feeling around the future company's advantages, you ARE the company! Every day from planning to the end of implementation you will learn to take on a belonging mindset and become a critical friend – considering what’s best for the – your – company.

#3 Make a lasting impact and shape your own company

Culture and the human factor are crucial aspects in any project. As an inhouse consultant you are able to shape the company culture in the short and long-term if you put value into diversity e.g. by exposing yourself to colleagues from different academical backgrounds, nationalities and gender and bringing these different perspectives to the table:

„Continous learning and personal development play an important role. Consultants learn a lot on the job in diverse teams and specific training courses. This really helps me to master new challenges.” – Mathias, Senior Consultant

In addition to the special opportunity to shape one's own company and increase identification, the main focus is on the overarching vision: to contribute to a more sustainable energy world of tomorrow. This increases the meaningfulness of every project!

E.ON Inhouse Consulting is E.ON's internal strategy consultancy. We work side-by-side with the Group's leaders and support the identification of innovation and transformation drivers. With a strong team of 100 consultants from 30 different nationalities, we work on E.ON's key projects to shape a sustainable, digital and customer-centric energy world. We strive to have a positive impact on the social, environmental and economic needs of the Group and society. At the ECON family, you take responsibility early on with your innovative mindset and seize your learning journey.

At ECON, you will always find a task that offers you the opportunity to think outside the box. So don't hesitate for long, start your exciting challenge in the energy industry now:

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