What are the competence centers at Roland Berger?

Anonymous A asked on Sep 21, 2018 - 1 answer

Can you tell me what CC there are? How do i choose one and how easy it is to switch between competence centers?

Thank you

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Anonymous replied on Sep 24, 2018
Senior Consultant

Dear user,

we have functional (Digital, Restructuring, Operations etc.) and industry competence centers (Financial Services, Automotive, Health Care etc.). Functional competence centers are thereby operating across all industries, whereas industry competence centers are operating within all kind of functionalities.

As my colleague Linda already said, this model of specialization is extremely exciting as you are developing expert knowledge in a broad, but still specialized field in early stage! With your start at Roland Berger you can choose one competence center, which will be your major focus and you will be mainly staffed regarding the project portfolio according to your competence center, however, you can bring in your project wishes and discuss your development with your mentor referring to project staffing. It is possible to switch your competence center and I also know some colleagues who did it but I would recommend to first gain some experiences in one function or industry. Nevertheless, you can also do some other projects without switching the competence center. For example, I'm in the Financial Services competence center and was not only staffed on banking or insurances projects but also on projects in the media or health care industry.