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Resume Screening at Bain

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Hi, at most consulting firms, the CV screening is done by the consulting staff and not the human resource department. I was wondering which level employees (Associate, Team Leader, Manager, Pricinpal, Partner) do the initial screening at Bain.

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replied on 11/05/2015

I have not worked at Bain or interviewed there so this more of a general answer. I have worked at McKinsey and Deloitte. Did a ton of recruiting at Deloitte. This is how it used to be done

Who does resume screening depends on level.

  • For Analyst level, an Analyst volunteer team used to do it and help HR
  • For Associate level, then Assoicates volunteer used to do it
  • For Experienced hires, HR does screening with guidance from consultants who volunteer their time to help. usually at the level or above what the applicant applies

Thomas replied on 11/03/2015
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In general, at Bain the CV screening is done by the recruiting office, which is part of the HR dept, but it can vary from office to office.

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replied on 11/03/2015

Dear all,

in Mck from Busyness Analyst to Enagement Manager, I never did CV screening. It's part of HR process

Velma replied on 10/01/2018

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replied on 11/03/2015

In McKinsey, CV screening is done by the recruitment team, who then share it relevant office partners to start Organising interviews.

Himanshu replied on 11/03/2015

A more apt question would be - Who would review the CV for the following levels?

1. Associate Consultant

2. Consultant

3. Case Team Leader

Henry replied on 11/03/2015

I have a friend at Bain London who is an Associate consultant, he told me recently that they do the first round of screening for CVs.

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