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McKinsey Postpone Interview

Anonymous A asked on May 21, 2018


Is there any downfall to pushing my (2nd round) interview back a couple of weeks due to exams? I am concerned with spots being filled etc, but HR have suggested we postone so i can study for finals.


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Guennael replied on May 21, 2018
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Two ways to look at it:

1. You are afraid they will fill your spot before you have a chance to interview. This may happen, but the risk is low - especially since good applicants are hard to find. Worst case, they tell you what they told me, "wait a year"

2. You want to be at your best, and so does McK. If you rush it and fail, will you hate yourself forever? I would

My recommendation is same as Mck's: postpone, prepare, rock the interview and get the job!

Good luck,


Ex-BCG Dallas

replied on May 21, 2018
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If you are at peak of your preparation and in a “maintenance” phase and are able

not to be distracted by other things (exams) going on in your life, I would just take it.

If you can benefit of a few weeks extra of preparation (while studying and potentially being distracted by finals) I would take the opportunity offered and move it.

Either way I wouldn’t worry about it too much especially if you are a strong performer. If you are a borderline one your concern might be legitimate and Considerations I made above are important.

As a curiosity, did you mentioned this to HR and then they offered or they proactively offered it to you?

hope this helps,