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Innogy Consulting Online test

Innogy consulting innogy online test
New answer on Dec 13, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Oct 31, 2019

Following the resume screening, Innogy offer a 45 minute math test. Does anyone have more information on what kind of questions and the style of the test. Also any advice on how to best prepare for the test woud be great


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Anonymous B replied on Dec 13, 2019

I hope the test went well for you!

The test consists of about 25 questions with Matrices that you need to complete (think Rotating Squares / Shape shifts / Changing Colors etc). It´s a logical reasoning test that you can start to prepare for with the preplounge quizzes but you´ll find much more information and more similar tests on general assessment center preparation websites.

I generally get good results at these tests - but on this one it felt like I had to guess on every 2nd question. Luckily, the result (no score will be communicated) was sufficient and I was invited for a telephone interview.

During the telephone interview you will be asked questions such as: Tell me about a challenging situation at work / team conflict / what motivates you / why Energy / why ICON / what makes a good management consultant / what do you expect your tasks to look like etc.

The phone Interview went well and at the end of the call I received an invitation to come to the Assessment Center. I´ve read in other posts that an invitation can also occur up to 3 days after the call. I am now preparing for my AC and will update after the Assesment Day about the final outcome.

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Aaron on Dec 15, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Let us know how the AC goes and good luck!

Peter replied on Nov 23, 2019

Hey, its simply a analytical test, where you need to find the inheritent pattern in the given pictures and decide for one out of the four given options - at the beginning it is not too difficult, but in the end it gets really hard and I personally only made a educate guess. But overall don't worry - it's not too dificult :)

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