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Kamil asked on Jan 15, 2019


I have studied in two countries, finished my Masters Degree (Industrial Engineering) at one of the Top 10 German technical Universities, participated in multiple academic courses abroad.

Until now I had the liberty to persue jobs that I was interested in without worrying to develop my career in a specific direction. This is why have worked for 2,5 years in 3 different companies and in different industries: Sales Engineer, audit support (in a Big 4 company) and now IT Services Coordinator (internationally recognized IT company).

I was trying to get a job in consulting in Germany for a while now. I have started preparing 6 months and started applying recently. Whilst I had multiple phone interviews, I didn't manage to get invited to any case interview. I noticed that my interviewers intended to put me in a position that would build on my current job role in IT, but figured that I was lacking necessary professional experience (1 year) or skills.

I, however, do not pursue to develop in my current job role, I just want to start a career in consulting. I believe that my diverse background is a great attribute, as consulting cases can differ a lot. How do I sell this idea to my potential employer? How do I communicate that in addition to a great academic degree, I have been able to broaden my horizon and develop soft skills whilst working in teams and with clients.

How do I properly use my CV as an asset in getting a job in consulting?

I would be very glad for any hints!

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replied on Jan 15, 2019
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

First, you need to define what kind of consulting you want to be part of. It is apparently not "IT Consulting" (which is consulting in name only, but you still have to clarify). Are you looking to join MBB? Tier 2? Boutiques?

Let's assume MBB for now, for argument's sake. Companies aren't going to put much weight on your actual knowledge, but you definitely have to show a career progression. Moving around every few months / year is a red flag since we don't know how well you performed or if you just couldn't work with the people around you

For boutiques, progression may be a little less important - but you will still need to show you can stay in a role for more than a year: it takes a long time and a lot of money to train a consultant, they aren't going to want to do this if you plan to move on a year later.

I understand where you come from, but think you may need to sit still for a little bit, and get promoted to show you are appreciated. Then your profile will look much stronger

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Kamil on Jan 16, 2019

Thanks a lot for the quick response. I have been offered a promotion, but in a diferent company. Meaning a more senior role in the same industry. Would this in your opinion be seen as carreer development, or would this just put another red flag on my CV?

Guennael gave the best answer


Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews
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