Case Buddy Wanted - McKinsey Interview

Cristina asked on Mar 06, 2016 - 8 answers

Hey! Does anyone want to study together and solve cases? I'm doing an intensive preparation starting today. You can message me through:

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Alaa replied on Mar 08, 2016

If anyone would like to share some time on case practicing this coming Friday, send me a message here and I would like to arrange an online meeting.

All the best for all.

Sona replied on Mar 08, 2016

Yes, I am interested in BCG interview preparation!

Krittika replied on Mar 08, 2016

Anybody to Bain, BCG interview preparation?

Leonor replied on Mar 07, 2016

Hi all,

I am in the same boat, currently starting to prepare intensively for MBB interviews. Just message me through here to set up a time whenever, also happy to share helpful prep docs. (Languages: German/English)

Kind regards,


Alaa replied on Mar 07, 2016

Hi Cristina, Dennis and Antonio,

I'll be willing to join you for practicing solving cases together. I have an upcoming interview late of March too and I'm intensivly preparing.

I'll be in contact on LinkedIn too.



Antonio replied on Mar 07, 2016
Currently a McKinsey Senior Analyst

Hi Cristina,

I'm preparing for the McKinsey partner round that I have in two days. Do you want to prepare with me?


Dennis replied on Mar 07, 2016

Hi Cristina,

I'll be willing to do that with you! I have McKinsey and APT coming up late March and I am dedicating all of my time to prepare for cases now! Message me if you'd like to work together!

Thomas replied on Mar 06, 2016
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If you want I have some material that can help. Just pm me with your email address.


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