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Is there somebody available to do study together for MCKinsey Case interview?

Someone asked on Sep 12, 2017 - 4 answers


I'm going to have soon the McKinsey case interview 1st round. If you are advanced in your study and you would like to do some case exercise together, please reply to this message.

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Björn replied on Sep 12, 2017

Hi P.,

congratulations for your job interview. Here at PrepLounge, we have a dedicated place where you can actively look for specific case partners.

Find it here (https://www.preplounge.com/de/partner-requests.php)


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JORGE replied on Sep 13, 2017

I am. Same situation as you. Spanish & English. Skype: i*************@h******.com

Tomi updated her answer on Sep 12, 2017

Unfortunately, you have listed yourself as anonymous so it will be hard to connect with you. How far along are you in your prep? I am currently studying for my McKinsey interviews too!


GC replied on Sep 12, 2017


I am in the same situation, but I would like to practice in Spanish. I am new in this world of case interview so if you find someone that can help us tell me please :) Thanks

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