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Looking for McKinsey case practice partner

Vince asked on Dec 26, 2017 - 6 answers

Hi all

I'm looking for McKinsey case practice partner urgently, as my thrid interview is coming up in about two weeks.

I found that McKinsey interviewer-led format is quite different from other firms, as they really do command-and-control throughout the cases.

If therer is someone who is keen to practice everyday just like me, please feel free to send me a message asap! (y********@h******.com)


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Arjun replied on Jan 15, 2018

Hi Vince - I am a consultant with Strategy& and previously an MBA from UT Austin. I have a Mckinsey R1 next month and looking for pro-level case partners. Please let me know if interested to practice together. Thanks!

Sabrina replied on Dec 28, 2017
Someone replied on Dec 26, 2017

Till 30/12 I would be happy to do also more than one case per day together. If interested write me an email with a proposal meeting, I am free all day usually.



Kevin replied on Dec 26, 2017

Hi Vince and all,

I also have McKinsey interviews lined up very soon and I need practice especially in interviewer-led cases.

FYI although I am new to preplounge, I am already in consulting (Deloitte strategy & operations) so have gone through the recruitment process and case interviews with a few firms a while back, so I'm experienced but a little rusty maybe.

Shoot me an email if anyone is interested in practicing cases.


kevin Foong

Someone replied on Dec 26, 2017

Hi Vince,

Also have my 3rd (case) interview coming up - want to practice?



Mickey replied on Dec 26, 2017

I like to practice everyday, however i'm having Bain interview in two weeks not McKinsey. Want to tried?

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