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Who has had a decisive influence on your life? How?

PrepLounge: Personal Fit
Neue Antwort am 28. Nov. 2023
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Anonym A fragte am 1. Okt. 2019

How would you answer this question in your Personal Fit interview? Receive feedback on your answer and browse through the Q&As to review the approaches of other applicants and experts.

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Beste Antwort
Anonym B antwortete am 4. Okt. 2019

I have been influenced by a friend of mine who inspired me for his determination in achieving results. No matter how difficult is the goal, if you work hard you can achieve it. I learned from him not to complain about how hard is to do something: you only loose time that you can spend acting!

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Göksemin Fatma antwortete am 9. Aug. 2021


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Anonym I antwortete am 16. März 2023

Definitiv meine Eltern, mein Bruder und meine drei besten Freunde, die mich konstant und seit dem Kindesalter treu begleiten und nicht an Wertschätzung aber auch Kritik sparen. 

Von meinen Eltern habe ich gelernt, in Sparsamkeit fröhlich zu sein und die Menschen in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen. Mein Bruder hat mich in den entscheidenden Phasen des Lebens animiert, die Komvorzone zu verlassen und beispielsweise mit 16 für ein Jahr ins Ausland zu gehen. Meine Freunde haben mich gelehrt, das Freundschaft auch auf Distanz das höchste Gut sein kann und das nur wer ehrlich miteinander ist, größtes Glück im Miteinander erfährt.

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Anonym L antwortete am 25. Juli 2023

My immediate family has had a decisive influence on my life. Each member tought me something different. My dad tought me how to work hard and how to start a project from scratch. My mom tought me that you should always give everything I do in life my best as you never know where life might take you and I might need skills or experiences for different parts later on. My younger siblings tought me how to be more outgoing but also how to be patient. For example, I had to revise my little brother's math homework with him. Sometimes that was extremely frustrating for me because he made so many mistakes in the beginning. But I learned to be more patient with him and also how to explain one thing in different ways to help him understand the problem.

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Anonym J antwortete am 25. März 2023

My husband have a decisive influence as he is my only family member. 

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Anonym H antwortete am 2. Nov. 2022

A person who has had great influence in my life is a friend that is 2 years older than me and passed through a long period doing retail jobs, internships or even being unemployed. The challenge was that she was new in a country and it takes time to learn how to apply in a new market. However she was persistent in the kind of job she wanted in business administration and never quited. As a result she got a very good job at a big company. What I learnt from this is to be persistent and continuously improve until i reach the level i want in my career. 

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Anonym G antwortete am 21. Jan. 2022

My mother who was an finance and accounting professional who managed work and life successful and did very well in her job.Work ethic,discipline and structured thinking

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Ashley antwortete am 5. Nov. 2021

No one

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Anonym M antwortete am 28. Nov. 2023

Dan Carlin - history podcast host, that has provided me with a sense of historic perspective 

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Anonym antwortete am 29. Apr. 2022

The person who had the decisive influence on my life is my partner. 

My partner moved to another country as an Expat, I followed and to do so, I quit my previous job. I like change and new challenges. 
I took one month to join every networking event and found business partners and friends. While I had a hard time to find my next carrier step and position myself in a new country, I became an entrepreneur of two impact startups. My partner supported me in the processes and highlighted my skills.
By supporting each other, we managed to reach our goals. 


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Anonym F bearbeitete die Antwort am 12. Jan. 2022

Jesus, because He died for my sins.


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Anonym K am 20. Juli 2023

You drew a smile on my face during these stressful preparation times thank you

Anonym E antwortete am 7. Dez. 2021

In my life decisive influence at first has me. Next are coming my friends and professors and then my family and others

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Anonym D antwortete am 28. Sept. 2021


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Anonym C antwortete am 5. Okt. 2020


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