“Where would you find this info?” Question in the Case

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Ivan fragte am 7. Nov. 2018
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Hi, what’s best way to handle the “Where would you find this info?” Question in the Case interview? both BCG and Bain mock interviews included that one on matters of the bakery business or coffee shops.

Google and industry reports (such as from TNT Gallup or Hoovers) is one answer. What else given the time constraint? The interviewer would say you have only 2h to complete the study so polling customers may not work.

Thank you very much!

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Anonym antwortete am 7. Nov. 2018

Hey there, some potential answers which I have actually used in the past, given the time constraint :

1) Look at internal company database of previous cases

2) email/ask colleagues in office that have worked in this sector who

3) (A bit longer term, but doable in 24 hrs) conduct expert interviews (a tool we use a lot)

4) web scraping - commonly used to analyse customer segments - e.g. looking at linkedin profiles for a market sizing of a company

Hope this helps!

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It really depends on what kind of info you need. To put all the sources in one bucket:

  • Interviews
  • Polls
  • Putting a video camera
  • Accounting data
  • CRM data and IT systems
  • Invoices, etc
  • Tech specs
  • Stopwatch measurements
  • Experts
  • Benchmarks


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