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Where to find case frameworks?

Alex fragte am 8. Okt 2019 - 3 Antworten

where can i find case techniques like rule 72 for compound, etc? Is there any list of such things for case interview?

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antwortete am 9. Okt 2019
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Here is a set of things you need to know:

1) Math and formulas:

  • Interest rates calculations
  • Compound margin
  • NPV using the Rule of 72, Perperuity
  • CAGR using the Rule of 72
  • Currencies exchange calculations
  • Speed, time, distance calculations
  • Equations, systems of equations
  • Ratio & Proportions
  • Solving the problems by calculating the area of the triangle
  • Profit / breakeven formula
  • Correlations, outliers (being able to spot on the graphs, tables)

2) Fast math skills

  • Rounding up and down
  • Learn how to multiply double digit numbers (google fast math tips)
  • Learn the division table up to 1/11 (i.e. 5/6 = 83.3)
  • Learn how to work with zeros (Hint: 4000000 = 4*10ˆ6)

Use math tools (Mimir math for iOS), Math tool on Viktor Cheng website to practice

3) Working with tables and graphs and deriving conclusions

  • Study "Say it with Charts" book
  • Check all available MBB presentations and publications. Practice to derive conclusions and check yourself with the actual ones from the article / presentation
  • GMAT IR part (Official guide and Manhattan prep)
  • Learn basic statistics (Any GMAT or MBA prep guides)

Good luck!

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bearbeitete seine Antwort am 9. Okt 2019
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Hi Alex,

the most common formulas you need to know in a consulting interview are:

  • Breakeven point
  • Rule of 72
  • Perpetuity formula and general NPV formula

Besides that, you should be familiar with simple and compound interests.

Finally, you may want to review the formulas for volume/surface of the main solid figures (pyramid, cone, cylinder, sphere), which could be useful in market sizing cases.




antwortete am 8. Okt 2019
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Hi Alex,

I see two aspects to your question:

  1. Case interview math: Just google this term "case interview math" and you will get more than enough resources
  2. More general case interview frameworks and business concepts: I wrote a book very specifically for this topic giving a) an overview of relevant business concepts and frameworks and b) how to specifically use this concepts and frameworks in a real-life approach:

Hope that helps!


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