Sign on bonus for experienced hires in BCG Dubai

BCG dubai Experienced Hire Sign on Bonus
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Anonym A fragte am 30. Okt. 2018

Hello everybody,

I graduated from B-school (MBA) 2 years ago. I have worked in consulting (tier 2) since then. I just received an offer from the BCG Dubai, but they did not offer a sign on bonus.

1. Any idea how negociable this is? What amount can I pretend to?

2. The offer also comes like an entry level, how possible is it to negociate the tenure.

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As an x-BCGer in Dubai, I have never heard of a sign-on bonus - wish I had brighter news for ya :)

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Anonym antwortete am 30. Okt. 2018

Usually sign on bonuses, if not offered in advance, are only negotiable if you have a good argument for them. A typical one I have heard for experienced hires is that "if I worked at my current company until Bonus time, I would get a bonus of £10k. Therefore, if you want me to start now, I would need a £10k bonus to compensate". You could try this, depending on how early they want you to start.

As for tenure - you can probably ask what the possibilities for fast promotion once you join. However, with only 2 years experience, it's unlikely they would offer you anything higher than a Consultant position. Most people I know that did switches like you started at the same / lower level than what they were at their previous firm, but then performed strongly and were able to get promoted much faster than the regular track.

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Anonym antwortete am 14. Juli 2020

Hi A,

I would recommend you, please check in your contract whether the sign-on bonus mentioned there. It should be explicitly mentioned. Otherwise , you wouldn't even becoming. Given the current situation, I'm not really sure that the sign-on bonuses will be paid at all.

If they were to be paid, usually they paid after you have started your work after aprobation period is over.

Hope, this gives you a clarity.



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1) You can try to negotiate.

2) Tenure is non-negotiable and Tier2 is not a relevant benchmark for BCG


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x-BCG Dubai, x-Recruitment lead for BCG, Case Interview Expert (350+ interviews, 100% recommendation rate), Ops Manager
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