Should applicants include low test scores on resumes if asked to include them?

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On a few MBB applications for first-year AC's out of undergrad, they ask for SAT scores. My Math score is my lowest score (600 range), though my other two categories are 800 and high-700. ACs have told me that recruiters only care about the math score though. Should I leave my scores off my resume at the risk of having my resume thrown out or judged by first round interviewers? My academic experience isn't very quant-heavy. I could include just a cumulated, overall score rather than the indivudal breakdown as another option.

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My personal advice, would be to be transparent (because if they really want some information, there is no way to hide it forever) but also to highlight your specific strengths

- mentioning both the total score and its breakdown

- highlighting other strenths and personal achievements on your CV: not only quantitative skills are taken into account, but also soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, personal initiative, etc.

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