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Not sure how to handle a situation with my referral?

Anonym A fragte am 3. Jul 2019

I was referred by a Project Leader and a Consultant (2yr) at BCG for an experienced hire role.

Last Monday, the Project Leader mentioned I should follow up with him within a week if I hadn't heard back from recruitment. While chatting to a Consultant he introduced me to on Thursday, I discovered that the Project Leader's wife just gave birth and that he would be MIA for a month.

I'm wondering if I should follow up with the consultant instead?

The problem is that we just finished a 3-day weekend so I'm not sure if HR is just slow this week. I'm also not sure if going back to the consultant so quickly after meeting him would be seen as pushy.

Should I just pull the trigger?

Appreciate any advice!

OP here- It got sorted out. Recruitment was just being bombarded and were a little slow to respond — Anonym A am 4. Jul 2019

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Francesco antwortete am 4. Jul 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

there is no reason not to followup first with the PL, he could still connect with HR to support you even if not in the office.



antwortete am 4. Jul 2019
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Don't email the consultant - that creates an awkward situation.

Just email the Pl a week after the date he told you this and expect a delay in response (perhaps give HR a few days more as well).

Vlad antwortete am 3. Jul 2019
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You can not be referred by two people simultaneously. If the PL told you to follow up with him - pls do as he says. Just wait for a couple of days if you have the concern about the holidays. But in general, don't overcomplicate the situation.