Newton Europe selection process?

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Anonym A fragte am 21. Feb. 2016

Does anyone know what is the selection process of Newton Europe in London? What is the online test?

How many interviews after if I pass the test?

Case study?

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It includes several stages. There is an application form, numerical tests, a video/telephone interview and a selection day final interview.

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Anonym B antwortete am 26. Feb. 2016

Hello, after application, they’ll probably ask you to pass the numerical and data interpretation exams. If you are good enough, they’ll invite you to a short video interview. Shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes. Next stage is the selection day that is based on a brief presentation on a random topic. Subsequently, it’s time for the case study. You’ll have 30 minutes to prepare before you must present. This part is tough. Afterwards, a last short interview. So wish you more luck than I had. ;D

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