Is it worth to travel for BCG and Mckinsey tests?

Alex fragte am 10. Jun 2019 - 4 Antworten

Hi guys,

I live in a European country, where we don't have offices of BCG nor Mckinsey, but i've applied to the nearby country and got invited for the test in both of them.

What do you think is that worth to spend money for living and flight? It's probably gonna cost me 1-2k euro

I am broke right now, so i was thinking about taking a loan for that, so is that worth it?

What if i don't pass, then the money will be wasted

4 Antworten

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Anonym antwortete am 14. Jun 2019

Hi Alex,

Face to face is ALWAYS better - no matte rwhat try and make this happen. As already noted, you should eitherbe reimbursed, be directed to book directly in their systemm or have the flights booked for you. (Accomodation in a very nice hotel should also be covered if it's an overnight situation)

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antwortete am 11. Jun 2019
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Hi Alex,

MBB normally cover all travel expense, thus as mentioned you may first of all discuss with HR if that’s an option. They will probably aggregate the test with interviews so that if you pass them you can directly have a first round interview as well.

Even if that’s not an option, personally I would still go for the tests (aggregating in days close to each other to limit costs). I would prefer to pay for the trips with the risk of wasting the money rather than keep the money and live with the idea of “What if I went and succeeded?”.


Daniel antwortete am 10. Jun 2019
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don't think about not passing, that's the wrong attitude:-) If you're well-prepared, you can pass it. Regarding the travel expenses, I can confirm MBB cover them. And if they invite you from a different country, they think you're a good candidate. So don't put yourself off.

Anonym A bearbeitete seine Antwort am 10. Jun 2019

MBB usually covers your travel expenses.
Just ask HR and they'll give you information.

When I was invited, one MBB covered also all my travel expenses from another country + hotel (which was also around 1k€)


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