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Anonym A fragte am 20. Mai 2023

I have a quick question regarding the locations of case and fit interviews for consulting firms, specifically MBB (McKinsey, BCG, Bain), Strategy&, Kearney, and other boutiques in the Middle East region.

When applying directly to these firms, either through resume screening or referrals, are candidates required to attend interviews at the target office? Or do they have the option to choose an office anywhere in the world?

I understand that policies may vary, but any general insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Having this information will help me plan my application strategy accordingly.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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antwortete am 22. Mai 2023
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Hi there,

Q: Are candidates required to attend interviews at the target office? Or do they have the option to choose an office anywhere in the world?

Normally you are interviewed by consultants from your target office, however that’s not always necessarily the case. Please note that having interviews with a specific office doesn’t mean you will have to fly there – they could do video interviews as well.

You don’t have the option to choose the office of your interviewers – you can just choose your target office at the time of your application.

Good luck!


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antwortete am 24. Mai 2023
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Hi there, 

By now, +95% of interviews happen over zoom, so it doesn't matter where you are physically located at the time of the interview.

In special situations, if they require you to be in person, it's worth discussing your options with HR. They could fly you in, or ask you to go to one of their other offices, or you might have to cover the costs on your own (that's what I sadly did back in the days).

Best of luck regardless of where the interview takes place!


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antwortete am 21. Mai 2023
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Hi there,

You don't get to choose…but they're also not going to have you fly around the world.

You should be prepared for most of your interviews to happen virtually.

When I interviewed for BCG Australia I flew from NYC to Boston (they paid) for the interview, but that is less and less common now.

In sum: Please do lot let this factor at all into your application strategy

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antwortete am 26. Mai 2023
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It definitely varies, but generally you will be asked to interview at the office you apply for. You will be interviewed by consultants who work at that office, and be considered for a role specifically at that office. For larger firms like MBB where you might list several office choices, your resume would go to your top choice office first, but if they don’t want to interview you they might pass it on to your second choice office, and so on. If you are coming from a target school, first round interviews may be done on campus or at the office closest to your school, but final rounds will usually be held at the office you are applying to.

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Anonym antwortete am 21. Mai 2023

Dear candidate,


Ideally as an applicant state in your application already where you wish to work. Usually applying in ME to ME means ME unless you make it clear you are intending to work elsewhere. For example you can also apply to the right office straight away.


Best regards

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antwortete am 20. Mai 2023
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From my experience in the recruiting team at McKinsey, there are less and less interviews happening in-person. There is usually the option to have the final round in-person, but it is not a requirement.

Feel free to reach out to me as you're preparing for your rounds, especially with McKinsey. I'd be happy to share my experience as an interviewer, recruiter, and candidate through the MBB process.

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