I got a second round interview at KPMG in the Corporate Finance division, what to expect for in terms of the case I get?

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I have heard that the process will be as follows:

- 3 interviews with mid-level executives (technical questions, brainteasers, etc.)

- 2 hours to prepare a presentation which will last 1.5 hours.

- 2 partner interviews if I manage to get through the previous rounds.

I will be send information about the case a few days prior to the superday. This will probably be an IM and some financial statement information.

Any tips on how to best prepare this case? What kind of case can I expect and some analyses I should be able to perform?


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I would expect an M&A case, detailed in the financial part:

  • Find the relevant information in P&L and Balance sheet
  • Do the simplified valuation using NPV: calculate cash flows and make assumptions about growth rate and discount rate
  • Do the valuation using comps - you'll have to explain which comps you will use and why
  • Calculate the share splits and price per share
  • Calculate synergies


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Thanks Vlad!


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